Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I only pick up 10 pieces?

Well it’s only nominal – you can of course pick up as much or as little as you like! But ten is the basis of our numerical system, we have ten fingers and it happens to be a reasonable number of items to pick up. The point is this: in order for the initiative to catch on we each have to develop a habit of doing it. For a habit to develop it helps if there is a simple idea behind it, hence 10 pieces! Further, a habit is more likely to form if we are motivated to repeatedly do something until the action is imprinted as a thought pathway in our minds. That habit will also be easier to develop if we have a system in place that makes it easier to pick litter up, have somewhere to store it and a place to properly dispose of it.

Where do I dispose of the litter?

The question of where to dispose of the litter is obviously critical and the answer to that will vary depending on where you are, but generally speaking, proper disposal involves permanently removing litter from the landscape, not taking it from one place to be dispersed in another. Solutions may involve incineration, landfill or in the best case, recycling.

What items do I need to be able to participate in 10 Pieces?

At a minimum, gloves and hand sanitiser should be used when picking up your 10 pieces of litter. Aim for thick gloves with a nitrile (non-absorbent) coating to protect your hands. You could also use a reusable carry bag to carry the litter in if there aren’t any bins nearby. 10 Pieces recommends the waterproof and leak-proof Trash Dry Sack from Sea to Summit.